About Us

NM Public School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, founded in honor of the esteemed Advocate Nayan Kishore Panda, a visionary social reformer born on July 22, 1970. Although an advocate by profession, his heart resonated with the cause of societal betterment through education. His unwavering belief in the transformative power of education inspired the establishment of this institution, aligning with his cherished vision.

Advocate Nayan Kishore Panda was not merely a professional but a great dreamer, ardently dedicated to fostering positive change within society. His life’s mission revolved around advocating for the underprivileged and championing the cause of education as the catalyst for societal reform. His commitment to serving humanity propelled him to make substantial contributions through his social service initiatives.

Driven by his profound belief that education is the cornerstone of progress and upliftment, NM Public School was established on the first anniversary of his untimely demise. This institution is a testament to his enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to social welfare through education.

NM Public School stands as a nurturing abode for children, offering classes from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to foster holistic development, nurturing young minds to become compassionate, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. The school’s founding principles are deeply rooted in Advocate Nayan Kishore Panda’s ethos, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also character-building and ethical development.

One of our core initiatives is integrating smart classes into our pedagogy. We recognize the importance of embracing technology to enhance the learning experience. Through the incorporation of smart classes, we aim to make education engaging, interactive, and more accessible for our students. These modern teaching methodologies are employed to complement traditional teaching, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that caters to diverse learning styles.

At NM Public School, our dedicated faculty members are passionate about nurturing the potential of every child entrusted to our care. They strive to create a conducive learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Our teachers serve not only as educators but also as mentors, guiding and supporting students in their educational journey.

We take pride in our commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience. Beyond academics, we encourage participation in extracurricular activities, sports, and cultural programs, aiming to nurture talents and instill a sense of confidence and teamwork among our students.

Moreover, our institution is committed to upholding the values and principles advocated by Advocate Nayan Kishore Panda. We instill in our students a sense of social responsibility and empathy, encouraging them to become responsible global citizens contributing positively to society.

NM Public School stands as a living testament to Advocate Nayan Kishore Panda’s enduring vision. We remain dedicated to nurturing and shaping young minds, empowering them with the education and values that will pave the way for a brighter, more promising future.

Join us at NM Public School, where we honor the legacy of a visionary and strive towards excellence in education, empowering generations to come.

The journey from the origin

Sanghamitra Praharaj, a beacon of resilience and determination, embarked on a monumental journey that would change the educational landscape of her community. Her story is one of unwavering determination, passion for education, and an indomitable spirit that conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Raised in a modest household, Sanghamitra witnessed the profound impact of education in transforming lives. Her unwavering belief in the power of education became the cornerstone of her life’s mission. Driven by a burning desire to bring about positive change, she set out to establish educational avenues for the underprivileged.

Faced with financial constraints and lacking external support, Sanghamitra embarked on an arduous journey to create something from nothing. With an iron will and relentless determination, she laid the foundation for the Nayan Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust. This trust, named in memory of her mentor, aimed to provide quality education to those who needed it the most.

The initial days were fraught with challenges. Sanghamitra tirelessly navigated bureaucratic hurdles, sought support from the community, and approached potential donors, advocating passionately for her cause. Despite facing skepticism and encountering numerous obstacles, her determination remained unshaken.

Through sheer perseverance, Sanghamitra’s unwavering efforts bore fruit. The Nayan Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust gradually gained momentum, attracting attention and support from like-minded individuals who shared her vision. With a small team of dedicated volunteers, she began laying the groundwork for NM Public School.

In 2016, after years of relentless hard work, NM Public School was inaugurated under the umbrella of the Nayan Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust. Starting from scratch, Sanghamitra transformed a vision into reality, providing a nurturing educational environment for children from diverse backgrounds.

With limited resources but boundless determination, Sanghamitra spared no effort in creating a nurturing learning environment. She personally sourced materials, recruited passionate educators, and tirelessly worked to provide quality education to every child who walked through the school’s doors.

Sanghamitra’s innovative approach and dedication to her cause garnered widespread recognition. She embraced modern teaching methodologies, introduced extracurricular activities, and ensured a holistic approach to education that catered to the individual needs of each student.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in NM Public School becoming a beacon of hope and opportunity for the community. The school’s success stood as a testament to Sanghamitra’s unwavering commitment to educational empowerment.

Sanghamitra Praharaj’s story is an inspiring saga of triumph over adversity, showcasing that with perseverance, determination, and an unwavering commitment to a noble cause, extraordinary feats can be accomplished. Her legacy continues to inspire, reminding us that one individual’s dedication can create ripples of change that transform lives and communities.

The Seed inside the soul

Sanghamitra Praharaj’s journey to establish NM Public School was an uphill battle, driven by her unwavering determination and fueled by a deep passion for education. However, her path was not solitary; her sister, Lopamudra Praharaj, played an integral role in this arduous yet rewarding endeavor.

Starting from scratch, Sanghamitra faced numerous challenges in laying the foundation for NM Public School. Amidst the uphill struggle to create a nurturing educational institution, Lopamudra, as a trustee of the Nayan Memorial Educational and Charitable Trust, stood firmly by her sister’s side.

Lopamudra, while maintaining a demanding job, selflessly devoted her nights, early mornings, and Sundays to support Sanghamitra’s vision. Juggling her professional commitments, she actively participated in planning sessions, fundraising efforts, and administrative tasks for the school. Her unwavering dedication and support were invaluable during the school’s nascent stages.

As NM Public School gradually gained momentum, Sanghamitra and Lopamudra’s roles evolved. Despite her demanding job, Lopamudra transitioned to devoting more time to the school, understanding the significance of Sanghamitra’s dream and the school’s growth potential. Her commitment increased, dedicating herself to creating a sustainable workflow to efficiently manage the school’s operations.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when educational institutions faced unprecedented disruptions, Sanghamitra and Lopamudra collaborated to ensure continuity in education. With schools transitioning to online learning, they swiftly adapted, ensuring that NM Public School continued delivering quality education to its students.

Lopamudra, utilizing her experience and resourcefulness, played a pivotal role in establishing a robust online education system. Despite the challenges posed by limited resources and technological constraints, she spearheaded the implementation of online classes, coordinating schedules, and ensuring a seamless transition to remote learning.

Lopamudra’s dedication was exemplary. Even during these tumultuous times, she continued her tireless efforts, working tirelessly to maintain the educational standards of NM Public School. Her perseverance and commitment ensured that students received uninterrupted learning experiences, bridging the gap created by the pandemic’s uncertainties.

Through their joint efforts and unwavering dedication, Sanghamitra and Lopamudra demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. Their relentless pursuit of educational excellence and commitment to the school’s growth and continuity empowered NM Public School to weather the storm and emerge stronger.

Sanghamitra and Lopamudra’s collaboration and sacrifices serve as an inspiring testament to the power of sisterhood, dedication, and resilience. Their unwavering commitment to educational empowerment during challenging times reflects their passion for shaping a brighter future for the students of NM Public School. Their story stands as a testament to the transformative impact of dedication and perseverance in the realm of education.

Associates: Family in professional ties.

Amidst the trials posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, NM Public School witnessed a collective display of resilience, unity, and unwavering support from its dedicated staff. Sanghamitra Praharaj and Lopamudra Praharaj, the driving forces behind the school’s vision, were met with an incredible display of dedication and teamwork from their staff, especially during these challenging times.

The staff at NM Public School became the bedrock of strength and support, standing firmly beside Sanghamitra and Lopamudra to navigate the uncharted waters of the pandemic. Understanding the criticality of education and the well-being of the students, the staff demonstrated extraordinary commitment, going above and beyond to ensure the sustainability of the school.

As the pandemic struck, the educational landscape underwent a seismic shift. NM Public School faced unprecedented challenges in maintaining its educational standards while ensuring the safety and well-being of its students and staff. Teachers, administrative staff, and support personnel collaborated seamlessly to address these challenges.

The dedicated efforts of the staff were particularly evident in their unwavering support of the teachers. With a sudden shift to online education, teachers found themselves navigating unfamiliar territories. However, the staff rallied together, providing comprehensive training, technical support, and emotional encouragement to empower the teachers in adapting to the virtual classroom environment.

Sanghamitra and Lopamudra, in their unwavering commitment to the school’s sustainability, worked closely with the staff to create a conducive atmosphere for the teachers. They prioritized the mental and emotional well-being of the educators, offering counseling sessions, flexible work schedules, and resources to alleviate the stress and challenges posed by the pandemic.

The staff’s dedication and support went beyond professional duties. They extended their efforts to ensure the holistic development of students, providing emotional support, fostering a sense of community through virtual engagements, and ensuring that no student was left behind in their educational journey.

Moreover, the staff’s commitment to NM Public School’s sustainability was exemplary. Despite personal challenges and uncertainties, they remained steadfast in their roles, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the institution’s mission and the students’ welfare.

Sanghamitra and Lopamudra, deeply appreciative of their staff’s remarkable contribution, constantly acknowledged and recognized their efforts. They lauded the staff’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering support during trying times, fostering a culture of appreciation and unity within the school community.

The collaborative efforts of Sanghamitra, Lopamudra, and the entire staff became the cornerstone of NM Public School’s success during the pandemic. Their collective dedication ensured the sustainability of the school, preserving its ethos of providing quality education and support to its students.

As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic, the unwavering commitment and solidarity displayed by the staff at NM Public School remain a testament to the power of teamwork, resilience, and dedication in ensuring the continuity of education and the well-being of the school community. Their efforts stand as a shining example of unwavering support and dedication in the face of adversity.